APOGEE Desktop Client

The APOGEE Desktop Client is a cross-platform graphical user interface for the APOGEE solver. The client allows users to specify problems interactively, open and save projects, submit problem specifications to the server, and view solution results.

The software is developed in Java and requires an up-to-date version of the Java Runtime Environment. To run the program using Java Web Start, click the launch button below. Alternatively, the program may be downloaded and run manually (see below).

Downloading and running the APOGEE Desktop Client

  1. Download and unzip APOGEE_Desktop_Client.zip.
  2. Run APOGEE_Desktop_Client/dist/apogee.jar by double clicking on the JAR file icon or by running the command
    java -jar apogee.jar.

For more information on using APOGEE, see the help page.

Sample problems

A number of sample problems are available for download below. Each problem is provided as both an XML file (readable by APOGEE) and as a GAMS model. Click here to download all sample problems.


APOGEE File GAMS Model Reference
adhya1.xml adhya1.gms

Adhya, N.; Tawarmalani, M.; Sahinidis, N. V. A Lagrangian Approach to the Pooling Problem. Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 1999, 38, 1965-1972.

adhya2.xml adhya2.gms
adhya3.xml adhya3.gms
adhya4.xml adhya4.gms
bental4.xml bental4.gms

Ben-Tal A.; Eiger, G.; Gershovitz, V. Global minimization by reducing the duality gap. Math. Program. 1994, 63, 193-212.

bental5.xml bental5.gms
foulds2.xml foulds2.gms

Foulds, L. R.; Haughland, D.; Jornsten, K. A Bilinear Approach to the Pooling Problem. Optim. 1992, 24, 165-180.

foulds3.xml foulds3.gms
foulds4.xml foulds4.gms
foulds5.xml foulds5.gms
haverly1.xml haverly1.gms

Haverly, C. A. Studies of the Behavior of Recursion for the Pooling Problem. ACM SIGMAP Bulletin 1978, 25, 19-28.

haverly2.xml haverly2.gms
haverly3.xml haverly3.gms
rt2.xml rt2.gms

Audet, C.; Brimberg, J.; Hansen, P.; Le Digabel, S.; Mladenovic, N. Pooling Problem: Alternate Formulations and Solution Methods. Manag. Sci. 2004, 50, 761-776.


APOGEE File GAMS Model Reference
meyer4.xml meyer4.gms

Meyer, C. A.; Floudas, C. A. Global Optimization of a Combinatorially Complex Generalized Pooling Problem. AIChE J. 2006, 52, 1027-1037.

meyer10.xml meyer10.gms
meyer15.xml meyer15.gms
lee1.xml lee1.gms

Lee, S.; Grossmann, I. E. Global optimization of nonlinear generalized disjunctive programming with bilinear equality constraints: Applications to process networks. Comput. Chem. Eng. 2003, 27 (11), 1557-1575.

lee2.xml lee2.gms


APOGEE File GAMS Model Reference
epa_small.xml epa_small.gms

Misener, R.; Gounaris, C. E.; Floudas, C. A. Mathematical modeling and global optimization of large-scale extended pooling problems with the (EPA) complex emissions constraints. Comput. Chem. Eng. 2010, 34, 1432-1456.

epa_midsize.xml epa_midsize.gms
epa_large.xml epa_large.gms