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Number of topological features per unit cell.
AtomsPortalsChannelsCages JunctionsConnections
320152 8566424
Pore size distribution.
% Pore Volume in Features Total Pore Volume
Channel Diameter (Å) Cage Diameter (Å)  
% of Total
< 44–6> 6 < 66–8> 8 
3  40 57  0.36139
Accessible volume and surface area as a function of molecule size.
Volume (cm3/g) Surface Area (m2/g)
Characteristic Molecule Diam. (Å)  Characteristic Molecule Diam. (Å)
2468  2468
0.2790.279  10801080
Pore characterization quantities.
Largest Cavity
Diameter (Å)
Pore Limiting
Diameter (Å)
Unit cell parameters.
  Cell Lengths (Å) Cell Angles (deg.)
 abc αβγ
141 22.6122.6112.47
International Tables for Crystallography A (2006).

Citation: Ibarra, I. A.; Yang, S.; Lin, X.; Blake, A. J.; Rizkallah, P. J.; Nowell, H.; Allan, D. R.; Champness, N. R.; Hubberstey, P.; Schroder, M. Highly Porous and Robust Scandium-based Metal-Organic Frameworks for Hydrogen Storage. Chem. Commun. 47, 8304 (2011).

Metal-organic framework structure from the Crystallography Open Database (COD 7106668). Download CIF File

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