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Number of topological features per unit cell.
AtomsPortalsChannelsCages JunctionsConnections
248 2401236
Pore size distribution.
% Pore Volume in Features Total Pore Volume
Channel Diameter (Å) Cage Diameter (Å)  
% of Total
< 44–6> 6 < 66–8> 8 
42 58    0.35262
Accessible volume and surface area as a function of molecule size.
Volume (cm3/g) Surface Area (m2/g)
Characteristic Molecule Diam. (Å)  Characteristic Molecule Diam. (Å)
2468  2468
0.3520.204  67291324
Pore characterization quantities.
Largest Cavity
Diameter (Å)
Pore Limiting
Diameter (Å)
Unit cell parameters.
  Cell Lengths (Å) Cell Angles (deg.)
 abc αβγ
74 9.875.258.77
International Tables for Crystallography A (2006).
Coordination sequences.
T-atom NameCoordination Sequence (to Shell 10)

Citation: Baerlocher, C. and McCusker, L. Database of Zeolite Structures. http://www.iza-structure.org/databases/, 2013. Accessed on April 23, 2013. Framework Type ABW (Material: Li-A, Barrer and White)

Note: An oxygen radius of 1 Å is used throughout.


Please acknowledge use of characterization results from ZEOMICS using the following citation:

First, E. L., Gounaris, C. E., Wei, J., and Floudas, C. A. Computational characterization of zeolite porous networks: an automated approach. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 13(38):17339–17358, 2011.